The Life Facing Collective is a learning and reflective space. It is not a substitute for one on one therapy or one on one therapeutic coaching, nor is it a substitute for a clinical diagnosis or medical advice.

The work we do here is not a 'quick fix'. It is about supporting you in creating sustainable change and transformation over time. 

Becoming a member of the Life Facing Collective does not constitute a client-therapeutic coaching relationship nor is it a replacement for the therapeutic relationship in psychotherapy or coaching.

This learning and reflective platform is suitable for the general population.

Some members may choose to add one on one therapeutic coaching to their existing membership or complement the work we do here in the Collective using external supports. Your life, your choice.

IMPORTANT If you have experienced extreme forms of childhood trauma in your young life, for example child sexual abuse or severe neglect we recommend that you complete a course of psychotherapy prior to joining the Life Facing Collective. Give yourself permission to heal.

As the content of this learning platform has not been robustly tested with people who have received clinical diagnoses we do not have enough evidence to recommend its use by these populations.

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This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorised by the copyright owner. We use this material in an effort to advance the learning and improve the recovery journeys for people who need psychological support or who have been impacted by childhood adversity and trauma.