Transform Your Life From Within

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The Life Facing Collective program has helped me learn how to live life on my terms.  While I knew (cognitively) what happened in the past, I didn't understand my reactions in the present.

This program was my Eureka moment. I could make my own choices in life. This was (a) revelation for me! 

The step by step approach gave me the time I needed to heal. It helped me move forward with my life.

Is the Life Facing Collective for you?

I invite you to reflect.

  1. Do you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life?
  2. Do you struggle to live your life with a full heart?
  3. Do you often feel isolated or lonely?
  4. Do you feel overly frightened of angry people and/or personal criticism?
  5. Do you find it hard to feel or express feelings, including feelings such as joy or happiness?
  6. Do you find you judge yourself harshly?
  7. Do you find building and maintaining healthy relationships challenging?
  8. Do you tend to be a reactor, instead of an actor?

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions then the Life Facing Collective can help you move through these feelings as you take control of your life.


Fed Up Re-Enacting the Past?

We work within a structured learning and therapeutic coaching paradigm facilitating self-love, compassion, healing, and connection.

Our collective is for adults who are stuck in their lives and want to move through their stuckness. Our approach is  specifically designed for people who have experienced childhood trauma and/or adversity including parental alcohol abuse and parental mental health issues.

Become a healthier, more fully alive you! Join us today.

Discover the Power of Collective Healing 

Pricing Tiers



Introductory membership for those who would like to work on their own first.

You have access to:

  • Monthly Pre-recorded Sessions¬†
  • Monthly Session Podcast
  • Springboard Reflection Questions (in Presentations)
  • Live Monthly Check-Ins





‚ā¨24.98 per month
Grow Membership wth the Life Facing Collective  Unstick the Stuck in Your life


Enrich your learning, healing, and growth experience as you actively engage with the people of our collective through the Grow Membership.

You have access to Everything in the Build Membership plus:

  • Access to Secure Facilitated Reflection Huddles¬†
  • Access to Secure Community Chat Area
  • Live Monthly Q and A¬† and/or Recorded Sessions¬†
  • Bonus Materials and Resources
  • Access to Questionnaires and Psychometric Scales
  • Access to Weekly Challenges
  • Special Online Events¬†
  • Discounts on in-person Events
‚ā¨37.68 per month


Flourish in your learning and growth experience. Enhance your self-awareness and personal development with a Flourish Membership.

You have access to Everything in the Grow Membership plus:

  • Monthly Coaching Circles¬†Max. 8 participants, duration 90 minutes¬†

Working in smaller groups, coachees will have the opportunity to work with Siobhán.


‚ā¨106.88 per month

Doing the (Life Facing Collective) Program with Siobhán has helped me learn how to live life on my terms. I am no longer stuck in the mud of my past.


Working with her (Siobh√°n) has been transformative. She‚Äôs a warrior for and of happiness.¬†The way she holds space in difficult times and holds human contradictions with compassion and humor ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs not easy, and it takes particular skill.¬†

An eye-opener. I feel like I found a new part of me that I kinda like.



What we offer you

  • A members-only community¬†of people working towards transforming their lives from the inside out.
  • A dynamic space¬†that provides a pathway to thriving in living beyond just surviving day to day.
  • A learning space¬†where you begin to understand your past experiences and their impact on the patterns of your life today.
  • A reflective space¬†where you begin to widen your window of tolerance for life‚Äôs challenges.
  • A safe place¬†supporting you in creating a healthier and more connected way of being you.
  • Robust,¬†evidence-based, chartered coaching psychologist-led support.




Making a Conscious Choice

The Life Facing Collective supports you in your learning and healing  as you make the conscious choice to:

  • Take radical responsibility for your own life and your future self
  • Grow in emotional intelligence and maturity
  • Experience compassion for yourself¬†




Meet Siobhán

Siobh√°n Olofsson is the founder of the Life Facing Collective. She is a Chartered Coaching Psychologist with extensive experience in working with diverse people from all around the world. She has spent over 30 years working in the area of childhood adversity and trauma helping adults, families, and communities transform their futures by supporting each person's potential to heal from within.

Her vision with the Life Facing Collective is to create psychological health and well-being across societies and communities by helping people just like you thrive in living. We work within a learning and therapeutic coaching paradigm facilitating self-love, compassion, healing and connection. Join us today.